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Important Schedule Update:
Our company as well as our technicians are available for answers and assistance only during the following working hours:
From 11:00 am until 18:00 pm (GMT + 2) (Greece time) and from Monday to Friday (closed weekends, national holidays and public holidays)

For any support outside of our company's working hours, there will be a charge EUR 48 + VAT for each working hour consumed with your request. The minimum charge is 1 working hour (48 euros + VAT).
Our company payment accounts are available online on our website by clicking here: https://www.opencartgreece.gr/τρόποι-πληρωμής/

Please do not create a duplicate request with the same content because the system will block you as spam and you will not get your problem or question answered to any of your requests.

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Also please note:
  • We may have already answered your request to our wiki here: https://wiki.botonakis.com/
  • We may have already responded to your request through the pages of our website at: https://www.opencartgreece.gr/
  • Your request may need more processing time than the average, so its response comes after 3 business days.
  • If you have a monthly support package, then our answer comes in a priority order for you. You can see our support packages and what they include by clicking here: Support packages with the month

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